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Pagan Wanderer Lu – Make Archive (2001-2005)

Artist: Pagan Wanderer Lu
Title: Make Archive (2001-2005)
Cat: FFP-R03
Run Time: 27:40

Originally given a digital release through the subscription service Beardaid, Make Archive (2001-2005) gets a full, free digital release thanks to Fleeing from Pigeons. The imperfect, charming and nonsensical nature of Pagan Wanderer Lu’s pop music comes across splendidly in this release – a collection of the omnichord-basher’s bedroom recorded pre-Brainlove Records tracks – which all originally found a small place in the world through DIY CDRs – and perfectly segues us towards Pagan Wanderer Lu’s first ‘proper’ full length Fight My Battles For Me, released through Brainlove next month.

1. My Victor 5. The Lord Geraint
2. Make a mediocre dinner 6. ”Headaches” Girl
3. Hypersanity (Kiss & Refrain) 7. J.L.B. Smith
4. Matthew/Mark 8. Brecon Beacons


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Releases by Pagan Wanderer Lu

Pagan Wanderer Lu – Fight My Battles For Me
Fight My Battles For Me is a distillation of PWL’s prolific output and a glimpse into what the future has to offer. Catchy pop songs meet experimental sonic flair and an intelligent lyrical sensibility to create a truly unique sound. His crowning achievement to date.
CD £10 (£1.50 P&P) – Buy from Pagan Wanderer Lu
Pagan Wanderer Lu – The Independent Scrutineer EP
Six wonderful songs from the seemingly neverending mine of tunes at PWL’s disposal. From the mournful echo and rousing refrain of ‘The Memorial Hall’ to the wiry guitar of ‘Our New Hospital Sucks’ and the twinkling omnichord sounds of closer ‘Knight > King 4’, this is an EP to remember form a brilliant emerging songwriter.
CD £5 (£1.50 P&P) – Buy from Pagan Wanderer Lu
Pagan Wanderer Lu – Perfection R.I.P.
Nine-track, second EP for Brainlove. Self-recorded at his home in various locations from 2006-07 and mixed and mastered by Oli Horton of Trademark. Released on CD in card sleeve. The first batch of CDs came with a photocopied explanatory booklet inside.
CD £5 (£1.50 P&P) – Buy from Pagan Wanderer Lu
Pagan Wanderer Lu – The Omega Point EP
Limited to 100 numbered copies on CDR. Kind of a companion EP to Fight My Battles For Me, it contains four songs which were recorded for the album but not included. Track 4 is a new version of the BLH(oe!) song featuring David and Laura from The Volunteers.
CD £4 (£1.50 P&P) – Buy from Pagan Wanderer Lu
Napoleon IIIrd / Pagan Wanderer Lu – Split EP
Napoleon IIIrd and Pagan Wanderer Lu are two of the brightest up-and-coming stars in the English underground music firmament. Paired together for Brainlove¹s first release of 2006, their split 7″ single release contains arguably their best songs to date – Napoleon’s ‘Hit Schmooze For Me’ is an anthem for anyone who’s ever dreamt of more than an unfulfilling dayjob; Pagan Wanderer Lu’s ‘Repetition 1’ is a subtle, affecting ode to the stresses of modern living.
7″ vinyl £3.99 (ex. P&P) – Buy from Norman Records

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  1. […] ‘Make Archive (2001 – 2005)’ is now available from Fleeing from Pigeons Records. They’ve also re-released the first album by my pal Paul […]

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