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Record of this Day: Chopps Derby – You Don’t Know What Broccoli is? EP

Artist: Chopps Derby
Title: You Don’t Know What Broccoli is? EP
Label: The Gull’s Trunk

Sometimes a record takes me aback, will make me sit and think ‘it may be funny, it should be rubbish, but damn this record is good.’ You Don’t Know What Broccoli is? is one such record. Many parts coarse, some parts rubbish, other parts genius, Chopps Derby is a crass northerner, he’s rather like MC Pitman but with a talent rather than an ability to do a funny on the first play take on ‘Witness the Fitness’.

This 12″ from the wonderfully titled The Gull’s Trunk Records, is worth it for ‘The Shite is Real’ for the music, ‘In the Cunt Quick’ for serious feminism offensiveness, and the rest of it just to confuse you whether this record is worth taking seriously or not.

You may hate it in a year’s time, but for here and now, You Don’t Know What Broccoli is? is the slab of vinyl all us northerners will be putting on our decks to confuse and scare those south of the Watford Gap.

Out now: Buy from Norman Records: 12″ vinyl £5.99 (ex p&p)

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