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In these early days for Fleeing from Pigeons, we have got something of a glut of new releases coming for you and hope to have a constant stream to keep you all entertained. Following our first two releases (FFP-R01 and FFP-R02) I can confirm our next two records coming over digitally.

Firstly, we have Pagan Wanderer Lu‘s release Make Archive (2001-2005) – a collection of the Cardiff-based Ominchord-basher’s pre-Brainlove Records tracks. Essentially a best of the DIY CDRs he’s been producing almost seamlessly for the period mentioned in the title. It’ll be available from Easter Monday – 13 April.

Secondly, I’m personally incredibly excited about giving Ratface a digital distribution channel. Anybody who has asked me ‘what music are you into at the moment?’ will have been tired by my constant answer of Ratface, and now – finally – those people can either get what I was talking about, or just think I have no taste at all. We’re starting with the digital release of his very first record – …On Ice! – that came out through At the Library Records in 2007. That’ll be out on 27 April, but there’s plenty more new and old Ratface to come.

There’s plenty more of everything to come…


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Ratface – …On Ice!

RatfaceOnIceArtist: Ratface
Title: …On Ice!
Cat: FFP-R04
Run time: 40:28

Few may know Ratface now, but those who do have a strong affiliation with the artist who has developed his sound and style since embarking on his solo persona in 2007. His debut …On Ice! is close to being the perfect debut: brash, naive, but honest, it contains a set of tracks that don’t beat around the bush trying to be cool or fit in to scenes or genres, it is just an artist showcasing his unique style, his unique sound, and the result in invigorating. Astoundingly, Ratface’s material since his debut has just got better with each release, but this is a fantastic starting point, and we are incredibly proud to be giving it its first digital release.

1. Digging Holes 6. The Monk and the Whore
2. Playing Games 7. The Vampire Song
3. The Coffee Shop 8. The Paranoia Song
4. Bony King of Nowhere 9. Four in the Morning
5. The Big Sleep Coming 10. One of these Days


Other formats are currently unavailable with this release. You can still donate to us though.

Releases by Ratface

Ratface – …On Ice! Debut album from Swindon’s finest, “a dance around the bedroom bed breaker” …On Ice! is a blistering introduction to the world of Ratface. Naive but bombastic in all the right ways, the production is as raw as the lyrics, and makes for a phenomenally personal record.
Ratface – Down With Ratface A digression, but also an advancement into diversity from his debut, Down With Ratface, showcases Ratface’s ability to change the mood at will whilst keeping you interested and listening. Bearded reviewed as thus: “a real showcase of the man’s ability as an artist, rather than a punk rocker trying to go hip-hop.”
Ratface – Enough Ratface Ratface’s second release through DIY label Bumtapes, again it showcases a diversion in Ratface’s talents as a producer and artist. With just nine tracks on it, Enough Ratface still clocks in at over 30 minutes, it is packed full of his own personal style of beats n’ lyrics that just keep getting better with each new release…CD £4.50 – Buy from Ratface

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