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Andy Price
Andy Price is something of a staple in the Bristol music scene, having played in various acts in the area for almost ten years, he is currently fronting alt-punk band Dig For Fire and the more sporadic acoustic pop two-some, The AFB Band. Price’s songs use simple chord structures to illustrate the narrative focus of his lyrics – in his own words: “I enjoy writing silly little songs to go with my silly little stories.” Bare in mind though that this light-hearted description to his song-writing does come from a man who wrote a 9-minute epic about governmental drug laws on Dig For Fire LP Album 2. Expect everything and nothing. [back to top] www.myspace.com/digforfiremusic www.myspace.com/afbmusic Image by Luke Yates Donate to Andy

Releases by Andy Price
Andy Price – Clothing & Failure Largely written and entirely recorded on a boring Bank Holiday Monday, this 11-track record showcases Andy at the very first moments of the music creation process. A great selection of acoustic anti-folk influenced tracks, it is the fruit of the writing process that might not otherwise have seen the light of day. FREE DOWNLOAD (MP3 192kbs)
Andy Price feat. Sarah Hall – Live @ Cafe Oto, London 27.03.09 This acoustic live set, recorded at Bearded Magazine’s show at the luscious Cafe Oto in North London’s growing creative hub of Dalston, covered tracks new and old from the band’s back catalogue, tracks from the AFB Band, his project with Sarah Hall – who accompanies him here – as well as covers by Ace of Base and Ratface. FREE DOWNLOAD (MP3 V0)
Dig for Fire – Sorry Debut LP from Andy’s punk rock outfit Dig for Fire, a fabulously ramshakle DIY recording, Sorry was recorded and produced in his bedroom. Limited edition of 200. All money goes directly to the band, not to Fleeing from Pigeons. CD £5.50 – BUY NOW CDx2 £8.50 – BUY WITH ALBUM 2
Dig for Fire – Album 2 Second LP from the obtuse DIY punk rock outfit. Recorded and released just six months after their debut, Dig for Fire’s second record merges both bedroom and studio recording, and heralds a move towards solid songwriting. Limited edition of 200. All money goes directly to the band, not to Fleeing from Pigeons. CD £5.50 – BUY NOW CDx2 £8.50 – BUY WITH SORRY

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Pagan Wanderer Lu
Pagan Wanderer Lu is an electronica fuelled indie pop songwriter. He first played in 2000 whilst living in Aberystwyth and having lived in various places since then he seems to have settled in Cardiff where he now lives and writes. Over several years of constant gigging, recording and self-releasing PWL has evolved from an acoustic singer songwriter into genre-ignoring electronica and guitar based performer. His style encompasses noisy alt. rock, danceable rhythms, punk, electronic techno, summery piano pop, moody synths, and acoustic folk. Always with one ear firmly on a tune to carry his sharp lyrics, which range from ascerbic satire to soul-searching and conscience-probing. In 2006 he began working with Brainlove Records and has released two EPs The Independent Scrutineer and Perfection R.I.P with them. As well as the ‘Tree of Knowledge’ single and a contribution to their singles club as a split with labelmate and fellow-traveller Napoleon IIIrd.[back to top] www.myspace.com/paganwandererlu If you wish to support Pagan Wanderer Lu, please think about donating directly to him. Image by Kirsten McTernan “In the world of big bland bands and groups trying so hard to sound like each other, artists like Pagan Wanderer Lu are a breath of fresh air.” Huw Stephens – BBC Radio One “Whether its Nintendo-folk, folktronica or Casio-coustic, it sounds like someone gleefully hammering together two pieces of a jigsaw that arent supposed to fit.” Drowned In Sound Releases by Pagan Wanderer Lu

Pagan Wanderer Lu – Make Archive (2001-2005) The imperfect, charming and nonsensical nature of Pagan Wanderer Lu’s pop music comes across splendidly in this release – a collection of the omnichord-basher’s bedroom recorded pre-Brainlove Records tracks – which all originally found a small place in the world through DIY CDRs – and perfectly segues us towards Pagan Wanderer Lu’s first ‘proper’ full length Fight My Battles For Me. FREE DOWNLOAD (MP3 VBR)
Pagan Wanderer Lu – Fight My Battles For Me Fight My Battles For Me is a distillation of PWL’s prolific output and a glimpse into what the future has to offer. Catchy pop songs meet experimental sonic flair and an intelligent lyrical sensibility to create a truly unique sound. His crowning achievement to date. CD £10 (£1.50 P&P) – Buy from Pagan Wanderer Lu
Pagan Wanderer Lu – The Independent Scrutineer EP Six wonderful songs from the seemingly neverending mine of tunes at PWL’s disposal. From the mournful echo and rousing refrain of ‘The Memorial Hall’ to the wiry guitar of ‘Our New Hospital Sucks’ and the twinkling omnichord sounds of closer ‘Knight > King 4’, this is an EP to remember form a brilliant emerging songwriter. CD £5 (£1.50 P&P) – Buy from Pagan Wanderer Lu
Pagan Wanderer Lu – Perfection R.I.P. Nine-track, second EP for Brainlove. Self-recorded at his home in various locations from 2006-07 and mixed and mastered by Oli Horton of Trademark. Released on CD in card sleeve. The first batch of CDs came with a photocopied explanatory booklet inside. CD £5 (£1.50 P&P) – Buy from Pagan Wanderer Lu
Pagan Wanderer Lu – The Omega Point EP Limited to 100 numbered copies on CDR. Kind of a companion EP to Fight My Battles For Me, it contains four songs which were recorded for the album but not included. Track 4 is a new version of the BLH(oe!) song featuring David and Laura from The Volunteers. CD £4 (£1.50 P&P) – Buy from Pagan Wanderer Lu
Napoleon IIIrd / Pagan Wanderer Lu – Split EP Napoleon IIIrd and Pagan Wanderer Lu are two of the brightest up-and-coming stars in the English underground music firmament. Napoleon’s ‘Hit Schmooze For Me’ is an anthem for anyone who’s ever dreamt of more than an unfulfilling dayjob; Pagan Wanderer Lu’s ‘Repetition 1’ is a subtle, affecting ode to the stresses of modern living. 7″ vinyl £3.99 (ex. P&P) – Buy from Norman Records

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paul-hawkins-georgina-constandinou2Paul Hawkins & Thee Awkward Silences
Paul Hawkins & Thee Awkward Silences formed in late 2006 and have gained a fearsome live reputation as one of the most original and uncompromising underground acts in London and won admiration from the likes of BBC Radio 1’s Huw Stephens, Laura-Mary Carter of Blood Red Shoes and Dan Treacy of the Television Personalities. [back to top] www.myspace.com/theeawkwardsilences www.jezusfactory.com Image by Georgina Constandinou “In a pop world desperately short of eccentrics right now, Paul Hawkins & Thee Awkward Silences are simply a revelation.” God is in the TV “Laden with Pure Charisma” – NME “If indie music is plagued with soulless rats then Hawkins is the new pied piper” – Moderate Rock “It seems to be customary to compare Hawkins to Nick Cave and Tom Waits. This does him a huge disservice; he’s a considerably more marginal and interesting figure than these decidedly mainstream oddballs” – Drunken Werewolf Magazine “Rapidly becoming the greatest artist of 2008” – Bearded Magazine “I haven’t been able to get Paul Hawkins out of my head for the last 4 days” – Huw Stephens, Radio 1 Releases by Paul Hawkins

Paul Hawkins – The Misdiagnosis of Paul Hawkins A treat for anybody who has been beguiled by Thee Awkward Silences’ debut record or the band’s legendary live shows London, this largely bedroom recorded CDR album by Paul pre-dates We are Not Other People by two years, but retains the themes of love and loss whilst other tracks convey the energy of the live show remarkably well. FREE DOWNLOAD (MP3 V0)
Paul Hawkins & Thee Awkward Silences – We are Not Other People Paul’s first ‘proper’ album with his band Thee Awkward Silences, universally acclaimed by critics across the alternative press (and the Peterborough Telegraph), it is a typical debut: brash, crass, full of pitfalls, you can forgive its lack of structure because of the sheer quality of the songs it possesses. CD £8 – Buy from Jezus Factory Records
Lil’ Lost Lou and Paul Hawkins: Split Release: Bad Bad Girl/The Evil Thoughts Debut Single from two of London’s most exciting acts, this is a split 7″ with cover art by Lou herself and includes a postcard and CDR of the tracks for those of you without record players… 7″ vinyl & CD £3 – Buy from Jezus Factory Records
Paul Hawkins & Thee Awkward Silences – The Bigger Bone The second single and the first to feature the full band and a multi colour sound. Great artwork from bassist Alex’s girlfriend Rose Forshall. This is a limited edition CD in a digipack. Tracks: The Bigger Bone, The Cavalry Ain’t Coming, Hate Is All Around. CD £2 – Buy from Jezus Factory Records
Paul Hawkins & Thee Awkward Silences – I Believe In Karma It’s actually impossible to choose a favourite non-album single of Paul’s, but the pure energy in the incessant ‘I Believe in Karma’ certainly gives it an edge. Non-stop and utterly brilliant, it’s backed with ‘My Darling Frankenstein’. CD £2 – Buy from Jezus Factory Records
Paul Hawkins & Thee Awkward Silences – Don’t Blind Me With Science The single re-recorded version of the last track on The Misdiagnosis of Paul Hawkins album. Backed with a band and studio recorded, this version blows the demo out of the water. It is backed with a different version of album track ‘Gentleman on Crutches’. CD £2 – Buy from Jezus Factory Records
Paul Hawkins & Thee Awkward Silences – You Can’t Make Somebody Love You A personal favourite of the Hawkins non-album singles collection. ‘You Can’t Make Somebody Love You’ is a fabulous, wrenching live favourite, but backed with the fantastic electro bounce of ‘The Substitute’ this is really a must-have CDS (and I never thought I’d ever say that!) CD £2 – Buy from Jezus Factory Records
Paul Hawkins & Thee Awkward Silences – The Battle is Over Get Hawkins remixed here, the album track (featuring Diana De Cabarrus of Candythief) is backed with remixes of ‘Music is my Enemy’ (by the excellent Tim Ten Yen) and ‘The Evil Thought’ (taken on by Will Horsebox). CD £2 – Buy from Jezus Factory Records
Paul Hawkins & Thee Awkward Silences T-Shirt T-Shirt proclaiming that you’re not in fact London’s greatest underground dark and twisted pop artist. Described as ‘stylish’ by the label, I wouldn’t suggest I’m fashionable but I do have one… Sizes small, medium, large. Tee £8 – Buy from Jezus Factory Records
Paul Hawkins & Thee Awkward Silences T-Shirt More tradition band tee for the band. Available in a range of colours or which they only have blue and white left. Sizes small, medium, large. Tee £8 – Buy from Jezus Factory Records

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Nobody has excited me quite as much as Ratface. Truly original, former punk band frontman Russ Freeman took a different route when his band Dead Letters parted ways – turning to beats and a hybridised form of punk and hip-hop. I’m not entirely sure where the phrase ‘punk-hop’ came from, although it sums up what Ratface does pretty nicely. [back to top]


Image by Luke Yates

Releases by Ratface

Ratface – …On Ice! Debut album from Swindon’s finest, “a dance around the bedroom bed breaker” …On Ice! is a blistering introduction to the world of Ratface. Naive but bombastic in all the right ways, the production is as raw as the lyrics, and makes for a phenomenally personal record.
Ratface – Down With Ratface A digression, but also an advancement into diversity from his debut, Down With Ratface, showcases Ratface’s ability to change the mood at will whilst keeping you interested and listening. Bearded reviewed as thus: “a real showcase of the man’s ability as an artist, rather than a punk rocker trying to go hip-hop.”
Ratface – Enough Ratface Ratface’s second release through DIY label Bumtapes, again it showcases a diversion in Ratface’s talents as a producer and artist. With just nine tracks on it, Enough Ratface still clocks in at over 30 minutes, it is packed full of his own personal style of beats n’ lyrics that just keep getting better with each new release…

CD £4.50 – Buy from Ratface

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