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Fleeing from Pigeons Records is a record company like many others: small, under-appreciated and staffed entirely by one person who does it for the love of music and the desire to get more music out there.

Where FFP-R differs from many labels is that it completely owns none of its releases, all of which are owned either by the artist or their record label. No money from these releases goes to Fleeing from Pigeons (unless you donate directly to us), and all money from record sales goes to the artist or the artist and their record label.

That is because FFP-R don’t care about money, and we don’t believe that by producing something for free we deserve monetary reward. The important people in the music industry are those who are producing great music and quality products, we are just a middleman – a distributor getting rare, unreleased and other releases out there to a wider audience, and giving them out entirely for free.

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How we work

FFP-R work with artists and record labels to uncover and release records that might not see the light of day otherwise. Live recordings, b-side collections, demos and DIY recordings are our specialties, we love stripped back and raw recordings and believe that the essence of music is laid bare when limited production is at a recording’s core.

The reason we release these records is to give more publicity and exposure to independent artists and record labels as well as to reward their work whilst giving fans extra recordings they would only find on bootlegs in the days before the internet.

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Demo policy

We do accept unsolicited demos, and we accept submissions from well established artists as well as unsigned, DIY and other artists. We have no genre restrictions, if we like it we’ll put it out. We do have our own personal tastes though so please don’t be offended if we don’t put out your music, we’re certain somebody else will be out there for you.

Please email a link to your music to FleeingFromPigeonsRecords @ yahoo. co. uk. Please don’t send tracks as attachments. You can send demos directly to us, but it may take longer to filter through to our stereo, please don’t send a lengthy band bio though, it won’t be read.

Address demos to:
Fleeing from Pigeons Records
125a Franciscan Road
SW17 8DZ

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Donations and alternative file formats

We tend to release records in MP3 V0 format, which maximises quality whilst not filling up your hard drive. We can provide some releases in alternative formats, and only ask for a donation for these because it takes time and effort to convert and re-edit metadata. If you want a release in a different format, please specify what format you would like (and what release you’d like) in the comments section when donating.

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About Gareth Main

Gareth Main’s advent into the music industry started as a PR alongside Paul McCartney’s former right-hand man Geoff Baker for an extremely well-funded classic rock band. Immersed in the attitudes and frank stupidity of people involved in that end of the industry, Main was galvanised into supporting the music he loves and trying to get more media coverage for independent record labels and artists.

In February 2007, this led to Bearded. A magazine dedicated entirely to providing coverage on the indies and printed on high quality, 100% recycled paper stock. The magazine ran for six issues and was distributed through WHSmith, Borders, independent record stores, supermarkets and newsagents across the UK. A team of illustrators, including the likes of David Shrigley and Paul Davis, and a stable of unpretentious writers made Bearded the unique publication it was – with writing that was without the cryptic similes or obscure references common in music journalism and a high end art aesthetic that made it the unsustainable publication that led to its demise.

After deciding to wrap up Bearded, Gareth decided to spread wings into all corners of the industry, taking a role with Name Music to do PR for independent record labels and the independent industry as well as launching Fleeing from Pigeons Records and working on a new print publication.

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