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Book club of one

Last Friday I got sent The Last Mad Surge of Youth by author Mark Hodkinson. I’ve been waiting for a good excuse to read a new book on the tube so this, coupled with the bank holiday sun and what starts as with well written prose, makes for an excuse too good to ignore.

The story involves a musician in both the present day (as a washed-up success) and in the seventies as a new wave punk start-up forming a band. It’s taking a little while to get going, primarily due to the format of the story (see below), but has engaged me enough for me to dislike putting it down in these early stages.

I’ll be back intermittently with thoughts and something of a more traditional review at the end of the book. To start off with there are a couple of thoughts on the novel thus far.

– It’s well written, engaging and accessible
– It has a non chapter format which flicks between our protagonist in the present day and in the past (when he was forming a band), this I like and dislike in equal measure. I’ve never been a fan of chapters (preferring something relating to a stream of consciousness), but the chopping and changing can be confusing, especially when you’re awful at remembering names.

I’ve motored through the first 100 pages already, so should be done by the end of the week.


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