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New artists, new releases and new site on the horizon

tapeThe success of Andy Price’s latest release – Clothing & Failure – on Fleeing from Pigeons has astounded us all, it has also got me thinking about some future projects the label is working on.

Those involve our latest additions to the Fleeing from Pigeons roster – ‘genius electronic Bath music’ purveyor Throwing Snow and the incredibly secretive – down to not even having a Myspace page – Joshua Banks.

Details of the releases are sketchy, but A Future Without Records founder Throwing Snow will be providing us with some original releases over the coming months and possibly a ‘live sessions recording’ in which he takes over the blog for a little while.

That is a project that Joshua Banks is going to be doing as well. Carrying on his Super Army Soldiers ten-part opus, Banks will be taking over the blog for a whole week in late June while he writes, records and mixes his entire record – Super.Army.Soldiers.III live on the blog, before releasing it on the Friday at the end of the week. Stems, video diaries and write-ups will all be made available, and he’ll be asking for some involvement from the good people (that’s you) to come up with bits such as artwork.

Before all that though, I’m currently beavering away on a ‘proper’ site for Fleeing from Pigeons Records that will be integrated into a more comprehensive Fleeing from Pigeons website. It should have loads more interactivity and tie up everything FFP is getting on with, when it’ll go live is anyone’s guess, although I’ll be asking for feedback throughout the build.

I think that’s a pretty comprehensive round-up. My new fanzine Plastic Garden Furniture is still under development and is still just as secretive. You can pre-order it here.


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