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I try not to continually talk about The Pirate Bay and the ‘problem’ of file-sharing for two reasons:

1. The Pirate Bay is a really, REALLY rubbish resource for free music. It can have bugs, it can be of poor file quality/transcoded and, essentially, it’s just awful to navigate compared to the invite-only sites.

2. File-sharing continually gets compared to piracy, which labels around six million people in the UK as criminals. Rather similar to the fact that 1.4% of the male population of the USA is in prison on non-violent drug offences (another pet topic of mine). Sometimes people should just admit that laws are wrong – not people.

I found an interesting link to a study via TorrentFreak that points to one of those stories you’ll never find on the BBC suggesting pirates are ten times more likely to buy music than those who don’t.

What follows is a fantastic analysis of the future of music online from a consumer’s point-of-view. It states that “creative business models where consumers have instant access to unprotected and high quality music are the future.”

Of course, some of us have been saying this for years. It’s about time people in the industry took note and, instead of trying to prosecute the innovators who give people what they want, work with them to best monetise that source to reward artists and labels for the work they do, and that we all love.

Irony corner: Am I the only one that got really confused by claims from the prosecution that The Pirate Bay generated millions in revenue whilst the industries they represented haven’t even gone close to providing a free download source that remotely compares?


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