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Glastonbury stokes the fires of local protest

While Glastonbury think of ways to make money through ludicrously high prices and ‘reserve’ ticket prices, it was almost inevitable that the freebies they offer to local residents would be withdrawn.

Estimates range from between 200-300, but a significant number of local residents who have had an increasing number of people blocking up local roads for the past 40 years have lost the sweetener that kept the opposition to the Glastonbury licence to a minimum.

As the Independent reports:

“For almost 40 years, organiser Michael Eavis has been careful to keep relations with the residents of Pilton, Pylle and Sticklynch cordial by handing out free tickets to make up for the noise and disruption caused by the massive event. But, this year, he has provoked their ire by cutting the number of passes, forcing hundreds of people who used to receive them to pay their own way.”

One local, unnamed, resident is quoted as saying:””A lot of people have been disenfranchised and are feeling pretty sore about it. For most of us who live within the boundary, the festival impacts on us in one way or another – in my case it’s the traffic. If you get a free ticket, you turn a blind eye to it, because you’ve got a week or so of having a good time. Normally you feel quite benign about it all. But if you don’t get a free ticket, you don’t feel quite so benign.”

I have my own opinions about Glastonbury, but nobody can deny its impact on the music industry and in particular the live industry. It’ll be fascinating to see how this pans out, it’d be sad if 2010 sees a massive increase in Glastonbury licence opposition from local residents. I can’t say I’d blame them though.


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