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Welcome to my record label…

nopigeonsHello, as the title of this post indicates*, this is my net record label Fleeing from Pigeons.

Ignoring who I am (although you can read about me here if you want), Fleeing from Pigeons is about music.

Further detailed on our About Us page, http://www.fleeingfrompigeonsrecords.co.uk is about working with artists and record labels to uncover and release records that might not see the light of day otherwise. We want to specialise in issuing live recordings, b-side collections, demos and DIY recordings and want to continue to promote independent music from all genres from across the world.

There seem to have been plenty of visitors in the run up to this ‘official’ launch, possibly directed from Bearded or my Twitter page. The online releases that have been quietly available so far are two I’m extremely excited about:

Firstly, the live recording of Andy Price and Sarah Hall at Bearded Magazine’s latest show in London. An acoustic set of what I’d probably inaccurately describe as punk rock influenced folk, Andy writes songs that pull elements from a whole host of influences, being a fan of anti-folk as well as old school ska punk and new wave hip-hop. You can download the record from here.

Our second release is something of an honour for me. Having fallen in love with the music of Paul Hawkins & Thee Awkward Silences last year, I came across a CDR that Paul recorded in 2006. After enjoying a whole host of older tracks and feeling rather privileged to have done so, it was fantastic to be given the nod to give The Misdiagnosis of Paul Hawkins its first digital release. What was most exciting to me was that this album has an early version of one of my favourite Hawkins tracks ‘Don’t Blind Me With Science’ alongside one of the greatest alternative festive songs ever, ‘I’ll be Getting a Divorce for Christmas’. You can download that record from here.

Thank you for being interested in Fleeing from Pigeons Records, I truly hope this will be a source for great new (and old) music from the world of independent music.

*Post title paraphrased from not so great opening track on Dent May’s otherwise wonderful debut album The Good Feeling Music of Dent May and his Magnificent Ukulele (buy it here from our friends at Norman Records).[back to top]


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